Changes in weather require changes in careful driving habits

Changes in weather require changes in careful driving habits
On Behalf of Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney • Oct 05, 2017
Each winter snow blankets the mountains of the Sierra Nevada range and Reno residents take to the slopes to ski, snowboard and sled on their favorite runs. In order to reach many of the most popular spots, though, individuals must take to the roads and drive through weather-affected areas. For some, transitioning to winter driving is easy as they slow down, take extra precautions and ensure that they are not creating hazards for others. For others, aggressive and dangerous driving on weather-affected roads becomes a perilous problem for everyone near them.

Just a week ago the mountains were hit with an early season snow and hail and a major accident occurred on Interstate 80. Sixteen different vehicles were involved in the crash and one man lost his life when his pick-up truck hit another vehicle. The collision closed the interstate’s westbound traffic for some time as rescue crews and authorities addressed the mess.

While the cause of the crash remains under investigation this story is a good reminder to drivers that the long days of summer are over. Despite changes in weather conditions drivers are responsible for maintaining control of their vehicles and ensuring that they are operating them safely given the conditions present.

Victims of vehicle accidents can experience a range of harm and endure significant injuries any time of year, though the perils of driving in snow and on ice can exacerbate roadway dangers when reckless drivers drive too fast, follow too closely and stop too suddenly. Those who have suffered injuries while driving or riding in motor vehicles are encouraged to discuss their potential legal claims with personal injury attorneys in their communities.

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