Distracted driver study assesses frequency among parents

Distracted driver study assesses frequency among parents
On Behalf of Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney • May 16, 2019
Nevada roads can be dangerous enough without the risk of distracted drivers. Unfortunately, as there are an increasing number of ways to be distracted, the problem has risen significantly. It is believed that younger people are more vulnerable to the temptation of using a smartphone when behind the wheel. However, a new survey has shown that parents are often distracted while behind the wheel.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration performed a survey that says there are more than 1,000 injuries and nine fatalities every day because of distracted drivers. In the survey, young parents are prone to using smartphones behind the wheel, despite the dangers involved. Surprisingly, older parents also text and drive at a troubling rate. The survey questioned 435 people regarding how often they texted, used social media, looked at maps and checked their email when behind the wheel.

More than 50% of those surveyed stated they drive safer when there are children in the vehicle. Two-thirds stated they used their device less when there were children in the vehicle.

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