Drinking and driving can be a big holiday problem

The end of the year is almost here and at this time many Reno residents may be in between celebrations with family members and cherished friends. They may be wrapping up holiday get-togethers with co-workers and employers, traveling to see loved ones in distant places and preparing to ring in the New Year with the special people in their lives.

The holidays are an exciting time because they give individuals many reasons to celebrate and often those celebrations are festive events with good food and good drinks. While most individuals understand that drinking responsibly involves finding sober drivers to get them home if they are not able to drive for themselves, others make dangerous choices to operate their motor vehicles when they are under the influence of alcohol.

Drunk driving accidents happen every day of the year, including during the winter holiday season. They are tragic events because they are so often preventable through self-awareness and responsible decision-making; when drunk drivers get behind the wheels of their vehicles they put the lives of themselves and everyone else on the roads in jeopardy.

The attorneys of Bradley Drendel & Jeanney hope that the readers of their personal injury legal blog have happy and healthy ends to 2017. They know, though, that despite their best efforts not all individuals will be able to avoid serious and sometimes life-threatening collisions. When drunk driving accidents happen victims can suffer losses that can impact the quality of their lives, their capacities to work and their abilities to care for their loved ones. The firm is available to provide legal support to those who are harmed in accidents with intoxicated drivers.