Warmer weather in Nevada, watch for motorcyclists

Now that spring is officially here, it brings with it cause for increased caution on Reno roads. This is due to the increased number of motorcyclists out and about once the weather makes a change for the better. Most people love to enjoy the warmer weather and this does not exclude motorcyclists. Passenger vehicles, semi-trucks and even other motorcyclists need to be aware of the increased possibility for motorcycle accidents.

Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to catastrophic injuries than people traveling in cars and trucks. This is a big reason motorcyclists are required by law to wear helmets. Besides helmets, there is other safety gear motorcyclists can use to protect themselves like boots, gloves and vests. Protective gear can be the difference between serious and minor injuries suffered during a crash.

The reality is that no one wants to be involved in any type of collision, whether traveling in a passenger vehicle, by motorcycle or truck. However, motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to serious injury because motorcycles offer little protection from a collision. It is also up to the motorcyclist to be aware when driving, and also to drive in a safe manner. It is best for motorcyclists to avoid dangerous activities such as speeding or splitting lanes.

Consistently driving in a safe and aware manner is a great way for all drivers in Reno to approach the road. This includes those traveling by motorcycle. All drivers should keep in mind that the vehicle traveling next to them just very well may be a motorcycle and this fact could make them more difficult to see. Drivers in cars and trucks should always check their blind spots and mirrors before making a lane change. This could prevent a deadly accident from occurring.

Source: KTVN.com, ” Warmer weather signals more motorcycles on area roads ,” Paul Nelson, April 27, 2015