How to ride safe and reduce the odds for motorcycle accidents

For many Nevada residents, motorcycles are not only an economical means of transportation
they are
 a way of life. Although motorcycles can be an enjoyable and fun way to get around, they can be very dangerous, especially for inexperienced riders. The following advice can help riders of all skill levels avoid 

Always wear a helmet and protective gear

For motorcyclists, a helmet may be the most crucial piece of safety gear they can wear. Also, anyone who rides a motorcycle in the state of Nevada is required by law to wear a helmet. Full
face helmets will provide the most protection. Recommended safety gear for motorcyclists 
 boots that cover the riders’ ankles, long pants, abrasion resistant jackets and gloves. High-visibility clothing is also recommended.

Pre-ride check

Many riders are so anxious to hit the open road that they forget to do a check of their motorcycle. However, a quick check to make sure the bike is road
worthy could prevent a serious accident. Before riding, check brake lights, turn signals, fluids and tire pressure.

Defensive riding

Remember that other drivers are trained to spot passenger vehicles and not motorcycles. Also, because of their narrow profile, motorcycles are more difficult for other drivers to see. Motorcyclists should always ride defensively and as if no one sees them. Always be on the lookout, frequently scan mirrors and stay alert, especially in high-traffic areas.
Unfortunately, no amount of preparation or caution can totally prevent accidents from happening. The actions of other drivers are
 unpredictable. Those in Nevada who have suffered injuries or the loss of loved ones as the result of 
 can take action by contacting a seasoned litigator. A successful claim could result in substantial monetary relief to aid victims and families in recovery.