Nevada 2014 motor-vehicle traffic fatalities by NHTSA

Nevada 2014 motor-vehicle traffic fatalities by NHTSA
On Behalf of Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney • Sep 03, 2015
Government organizations such as the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, or NHTSA, have goals of safety and death prevention in mind. That is why reports like the preliminary 2014 motor vehicle traffic fatalities are so important. These reports help track deaths on Reno roads today and it helps determine what can be done to prevent deaths in the future. According to the preliminary results, Nevada has been named in a group of states that have a high percentage increase in car acciden t deaths from 2013.

This percentage was determined after studying last year’s deaths with 2014s. Nevada was lumped into a category of 9-percent increase in road fatalities. Other states included in the group are Utah, Wyoming and Colorado. Since this is a preliminary data gathering point for NHTSA, it is too soon to tell exactly what factors are at play to cause a 9-percent increase in road fatalities from last year. However, it is certain that the NHTSA is very concerned about the increase in deaths for this region.

Since we can only speculate at this point as to what caused a 9-percent increase in road fatalities from 2013, there are a few things it could be. Everyone has heard how dangerous distracted driving is. Whether it’s texting or talking on the phone or playing with the CD changer, distracted driving can change life in an instant. Also, speed and driving while intoxicated could be factors that caused an increase in road fatalities in Nevada last year.

While on paper some of these statistics may look uninteresting, too many Nevada families have experienced the statistics first-hand. All road deaths are preventable and NHTSA is doing everything they can to prevent motor-vehicle deaths from occurring on Reno roads. An increase in deaths is not ideal, but hopefully it will teach us something. What we can learn from others deaths is crucial to preventing new ones from occurring.

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