Nevada spinal cord injuries can complicate a life immensely

Nevada spinal cord injuries can complicate a life immensely
On Behalf of Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney • Jun 22, 2017
“Grow a spine!” “Get some backbone!” These and other idiomatic expressions abound. But, while they may be useful in getting ideas across, often in a humorous way, actual spinal cord injuries are no laughing matter. It is an unfortunate fact that people cannot literally grow a spine, and when it is damaged in a car accident or other tragic situation, the result is that a victim’s life is altered forever.

Because the spinal cord is the main conduit for nerve impulses from the brain to our extremities, the damage to it means the loss of functionality. The results of these injuries can even be permanent paralysis.

Even if paralysis is not a result, however, spinal cord injuries can create other serious conditions. These can include intense pain, nerve damage and the loss of other bodily functions. These problems can mean incredible medical costs, including for treatments, surgeries, rehabilitation and physical therapy. Further, the serious physical consequences of a spinal cord injury could result in the victim’s inability to continue working.

When such an injury is caused by another’s negligence, whether in a car crash work accident, a victim may have the right to compensation. Given the likelihood of life-altering consequences, it is incumbent on a victim and his or her family to protect their legal rights, if they wish to mitigate their losses. Those who find themselves in such a situation may wish to consider reaching out to an experienced Nevada injury attorney. As these situations are filled with stress and sorrow, having the guidance of a professional can mean all the difference in achieving justice.