Protesters struck by pick-up truck during rally in Reno

Protesters struck by pick-up truck during rally in Reno
On Behalf of Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney • Oct 27, 2016
While most Reno car accidents are unfortunate, they are just that — unfortunate accidents. There isn’t typically any malicious intent behind the actions of the drivers who cause or contribute to these crashes. Once in a while, however, a driver intentionally causes an accident with intent to maim or harm. One such car accident appears to have happened recently between a pick-up truck and a group of protesters in Reno.

It occurred during a peaceful rally right in the city center under the arch. Approximately 40 protesters had gathered in support of Native American rights. According to reports, there was some type of exchange between the pick-up driver and the protesters and the driver began to rev his engine, eventually giving way to first gear and striking five people in the group. One woman was hospitalized due to the injuries she sustained in the crash, the other four were treated and released at the scene.

He took off from the scene of the car accident , later stopping a few blocks away to explain his side of the story to Reno officers on scene. It is unclear at this time what made the man decide to accelerate his vehicle into the crowd. Likely, a full investigation into the incident will follow. It is possible that the driver of the pick-up truck could face criminal, as well as civil, penalties for his alleged actions that day.

While people do make mistakes, a pedestrian is no match for a speeding motor-vehicle. That is why pedestrians have rights against drivers who intentionally or unintentionally strike them, causing injury. Some reports have called the man’s actions a ‘hate-crime.’ Whatever the motivation, if charged, the man will have a turn to tell his side of the story.

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