Reducing the odds for motorcycle accidents on crowded roads

Those who visit and reside in Nevada cities know that heavy traffic is just something that comes with the territory. Traveling on congested city streets can feel like a nightmare. For motorcyclists, however, riding in heavy traffic can be incredibly dangerous. Here are a few strategies riders can use to help reduce the 

Be visible

Before taking to the road,
motorcyclists should make sure that they are visible to other drivers and pedestrians, even from a distance. Riders’ attire and gear should always be brightly colored, especially helmets and jackets. Avoid wearing all-black or low-visibility attire.

Stay vigilant

Motorcyclists who ride on crowded streets need to stay aware of their surroundings at all times. Riders should always be scanning their surrounding environment, from mirrors and instruments, to the road ahead and blind spots. By staying focused and aware, riders can better react to unexpected moves from other motorists and pedestrians.

Cover the brakes

In heavy traffic, reacting quickly can help to avoid a deadly accident. To minimize reaction time, it is helpful for motorcyclists to keep a finger or two on the brake lever. Other drivers often fail to see motorcycles, so keeping a hand near the brake can help riders stop quickly in the event they are cut off by another driver.
Motorcyclists face unique dangers and risks that are not present for motorists in passenger vehicles. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents have a higher chance of being serious or fatal since riders are exposed. When motorcycle accidents happen as the result of negligence, victims or surviving family members reserve the 
. A successfully litigated lawsuit could end in a much-needed monetary award.