Reno man found guilty on charges of DUI and hit-and-run

Reno man found guilty on charges of DUI and hit-and-run
On Behalf of Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney • Feb 17, 2016
You can never be too careful these days. This is becoming even more evident after details of an alleged DUI hit-and-run that occurred in Reno came to light in a criminal trial that was decided last week. The details of the crash were presented in criminal court and a guilty verdict was reached. This is helpful to the man who was severely injured in the drunk driving accident because it proves that the actions of the driver were criminal and therefore likely negligent as well.

This is true because criminal trials have a higher standard of proof than personal injury suits. The facts of the case are that a man was traveling on his scooter when he was struck by a Dodge Ram on Forest Street. Witnesses provided a description of the crash and the driver of the truck, describing that the victim had the right of way at the intersection. The driver of the truck drove off before police arrived, but was quickly found at a nearby house.

An investigation into the man’s actions before colliding with the man on the scooter determined that he had consumed alcohol and marijuana before getting behind the wheel. This was confirmed with evidence in his blood analysis taken shortly after the crash where he had alcohol and marijuana levels above Nevada’s legal limit. The man who was struck on the scooter suffered what were described as serious injuries that most certainly required significant medical attention and thus significant medical expense.

For this conviction, the man faces up to 40 years in Nevada state prison. Unfortunately, no sentence can turn back the hands of time and undue the serious injuries that the victim on the scooter suffered.

Medical expenses, lost wages and loss of quality of life are all possible legal damages from such an accident. A civil suit can help victims and their families recoup financially from some of these hardships.

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