Texting and driving is distracted driving in Reno

Texting and driving is distracted driving in Reno
On Behalf of Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney • Nov 13, 2015
Everyone has been talking about how dangerous texting and driving is. Depending on how fast you are going, a car can travel the length of a football field in a matter of seconds while texting and driving. Think of all the obstacles the car could come into contact with during that distance traveled. This is why texting and driving has come under close scrutiny by Reno drivers — because of the serious injuries and even deaths associated with the activity.

Actual laws prohibiting texting and driving vary by state and local laws. But there has been an increase in the desire for such restrictions on drivers with the news of deaths and injuries circulating through the media. Many states have enacted laws specifically banning texting while driving for this reason. In addition, many counties have enacted laws against texting while driving or serious penalties for engaging in the activity.

Due to the variance of these laws by state and local law, there are a variety of punishments for texting and driving such as fines and license suspension. If texting and driving is the direct cause of a car accident , it could result in a charge of negligence by the injured party. This could even be considered reckless driving if the driver was speeding or otherwise driving erratically while texting and driving.

Negligence occurs when a driver acts carelessly and thereby causes a car accident or some other type of tort. Distracted driving is a larger classification of driving offenses that can cause serious injury to innocent drivers. Safety should be every driver’s number one concern when behind the wheel. This is why distracted driving like texting and driving can be prevented.

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