We represent victims of other catastrophic injuries too

We represent victims of other catastrophic injuries too
On Behalf of Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney • Nov 15, 2018
This blog has previously discussed how our law firm offers advice and representation to victims of spinal cord injuries. Whether these people suffer paralysis or, luckily, are still somewhat mobile, they will no doubt face a number of different profound challenges in their lives.

It is imperative that they get the financial compensation they need in order to pay for these costs and be able to heal fully. We see it as our job to make sure, insofar as possible, that our client gets all of the compensation to which he is legally entitled after a spinal cord injury.

To do less would mean that the victim, at some point down the road, is going to be in a state of financial hardship and, in all likelihood, physically unable to provide for himself.

However, we do not just represent victims of spinal cord injuries but also help those who have suffered a profound injury to another vital organ or organs. For instance, severe car accidents can also leave a person recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Like spinal cord injuries, the damage from a brain injury is permanent and can be profound.

Even a mild brain injury can affect one’s ability to retain and process information, and a major injury can leave the victim with mental deficits or, in the worst cases, in a persistent unconscious or semi-conscious state.

All of these types of injuries are complicated both from a medical and a legal standpoint, which is why so many clients have trusted their cases, and to some extent their futures, to our knowledge and experience. We will employ our proven skills to making sure that victims and their families are provided for financially after a serious accident.