What treatment options are available for my spinal cord injury?

What treatment options are available for my spinal cord injury?
On Behalf of Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney • Oct 27, 2017
There are different types of drugs, therapies and experimental procedures that Nevada doctors may utilize to improve the condition of a person who has suffered a spinal cord injury. Since different injuries may respond better to different treatment options it is important that readers consult with their own doctors to determine the best manner in which to remedy their injuries. This post will offer an overview of some of the ways individuals who have suffered spinal cord injuries may be treated after their incidents but it is not intended to be used as medical or legal advice.

Depending on where the injury is to a victim’s spinal cord, whether the injury is a bruise, incomplete tear of the spinal cord or a complete tear, medical professionals may try different protocols to improve their patient’s health. Their first priority will be to stabilize the patient and ensure that they are breathing and maintaining all bodily processes necessary to sustain life. Then they may work toward improving the patient’s condition.

Damage to the spinal cord generally cannot be repaired, though certain drugs may improve the functioning of a damaged spinal cord and help a victim get back to where they were before they sustained their trauma. Surgeries can promote healing in some patients whose injuries leave them in pain or who need more stabilization in their bodies. Some professionals in the medical field are working with stem cell therapies to determine if nerve cell regeneration may help victims of spinal cord injury accidents.

The road to recovery after a spinal cord injury can be long and may never end. Some victims spend their lives permanently harmed after vehicle collisions, work accidents and other incidents deprive them of the full use of their bodies. When an accident-related spinal cord injury impacts a victim’s life and livelihood it is possible for them to explore their legal rights to sue those who have created their harm.