Why is it so important to give motorcyclist extra space?

It is important for any motorist to give plenty of space to the vehicles behind which they are traveling. In this respect, many drivers observe what often gets referred to as the two-second rule. In other words, when a car is following another car, it is best for the driver of the car behind to arrive at a designated landmark on the road, like a sign, at least two seconds after the preceding car passes it.

When it comes to motorcycles, though, the common wisdom is that a driver should give the motorcyclist some extra space. Specifically, many safety experts recommend giving a motorcyclist up to four seconds of following time.

While it might not be intuitive to those who do not ride motorcycles, there are actually several good reasons for this additional safety precaution. For one, motorcycles have a tendency to change speed and direction more rapidly than do other vehicles.

As an example, and particularly when a motorcyclist downshifts as opposed to hitting the brakes, a motorcycle may come to a stop with relatively little warning. Moreover, motorcycles may have more reasons to do so. For instance, slick roadways, obstacles or even a jagged surface on the road that a other drivers can largely ignore are serious hazards to a motorcyclist.

It is important for motorists in the Reno area to give motorcycles plenty of room when following them. Otherwise, drivers could cause serious rear-end motorcycle accidents. If they do cause an accident, then the motorcyclist or the surviving family, may be able to seek appropriate compensation for their losses. This compensation can cover expenses like medical bills and lost wages, as well as other damages.