DUI arrest follows cross-over fatality crash near Reno

DUI arrest follows cross-over fatality crash near Reno
On Behalf of Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney • Dec 23, 2016
Many highways have barriers between the opposing lanes of traffic to prevent cross-over crashes. This is because cross-over crashes, or car accidents where a vehicle crosses into the opposing lane of traffic, can cause serious injuries or even fatalities. This was the case recently when a driver in Nevada, now charged with DUI, crossed over with his vehicle into the opposing lane of traffic. The resulting crash caused injuries and a fatality to victims in another vehicle.

The car accident occurred when the apparently negligent driver, then traveling north on US-50A left his lane and crossed over into the opposing lane of traffic. His vehicle then struck the front left side of a Honda driven by the man who lost his life in the crash. Another driver immediately following the Honda, was able avoid both vehicles and any serious injuries that would have resulted in a direct collision. The driver arrested for DUI was injured, but not seriously, and is now facing charges related to the car accident.

Accidents like this are so hard to wrap your mind around because, arguably, the crash may not have happened had intoxication not played a factor. Laws regarding intoxicated driving are strict, because drunk driving is entirely preventable. Those who have or are planning on enjoying spirits should do so responsibly and not put innocent lives in danger. With the holiday season upon us, it is even more important to remember the consequences that could follow when driving intoxicated.

The man who crossed over into the oncoming lane was previously reported as a reckless driver by another motorist before the crash. This certainly does not help his defense with charges including drug possession and DUI stacked on top of a reckless driving accusation. With another person’s death potentially his fault, this is very concerning. Under Nevada law, drunk drivers can face criminal charges, as well as civil liability for any injuries and damages that they case to other people.

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