A Tradition of Legal Excellence from One of The
Oldest Personal Injury Law Firms In Nevada

For the past five decades, our law firm has provided an unparalleled tradition of excellence in trial law, and we are one of the oldest law firms in Nevada that devotes its practice to personal injury trial law.

Our roots go back to 1957, when William O. “Bud” Bradley and John Squire Drendel founded our law firm. By 1970, we became the premier personal injury firm in Nevada when we were profiled in Time Magazine after achieving a 3.6 Million Dollar jury verdict for a young man seriously injured in a construction accident. At the time, this was recognized as the highest verdict ever awarded to a single plaintiff in the history of the United States. Other trial verdicts in excess of a million dollars in the 1970’s and 1980’s cemented the reputation of the firm as a preeminent trial law firm in the State of Nevada.

Oldest Personal Injury Firm

With the addition of their sons, Bill Bradley, Joseph Bradley and Thomas Drendel in the early 1980’s, the second generation of personal injury trial lawyers continued the firm’s tradition of hard work and excellence. William C. Jeanney joined the firm in 1988, and in the last decade, has become one of the most successful trial lawyers in Nevada in personal injury cases. Lawyers Mark Wenzel, Sarah Quigley, and Regina Bradley joined the firm in the new millennium and have significantly contributed to our statewide and national reputation as successful trial lawyers for seriously injured clients.


Our Northern Nevada Roots

Currently, all of the firm’s named partners are natives of Nevada so we intimately understand our social and legal community and the unique environment in Nevada. Despite our Nevada roots, we do not limit our legal practice to the State of Nevada. Due to our close proximity to the State of California the firm has many years of experience in jury trials and settlement in serious injury cases in California. We have also been involved in cases for families who live in other states, including Utah, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona and many other jurisdictions.

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We are a multi-generational law firm with two generations of lawyers and a third generation currently in law school. We plan to provide the best legal services to the community for many years to come. If you or a loved one suffered a serious or catastrophic injury, our premier law firm will be prepared to represent you.


Northern Nevada's Original Personal Injury Firm