How texting and driving contributes to car accidents

How texting and driving contributes to car accidents
On Behalf of Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney • Nov 10, 2016
While sitting in morning or evening rush hour traffic, many Reno drivers have noticed other drivers’ inattention to the road. Some may wonder what could possibly be distracting Reno drivers from the very important task of driving? Many are aware of cell phone use and how dangerous using a cell phone and texting and driving is. Oftentimes, texting and driving is the reason for drivers’ inattention to the road and for Reno car accidents.

These car accidents can have serious implications for other innocent drivers and their passengers caught in the cross-fire. Serious injuries have been known to result in car accidents in which a driver’s inattention to the road contributed to the crash. The activities that texting and driving laws prohibit are the use of electronic devices to write, send or read messages while driving. Nevada state law regulates these behaviors and how these illicit activities related to negligence or liability after someone suffers car accident injuries.

It is possible that a driver found to have caused or contributed to a car accident due to texting and driving could also be cited for reckless driving or charges related to reckless driving. This could mean serious civil or even criminal ramifications for a person found to be negligent for car accident injuries. Those suffering from injuries related to a car accident could have other costs associated with their injury such as lost wages and, most obviously, medical expenses. These are potentially recoverable if it is found a person or third-party is liable for the accident.

While no-one can predict when another person’s careless actions could cause a car accident, there are some warning signs of a driver who’s inattention to the road is caused by texting a driving. Swerving, an inability to maintain speed and eyes or hands off the wheel or the road could indicate a distracted driver. Avoiding these dangerous drivers is a factor that isn’t completely within other driver’s control. If involved in a car accident with a driver and you suspect distracted driving activities, a full investigation can bring evidence to light.

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