Nevada bicyclist killed after run-in with suspected drunk driver

Nevada bicyclist killed after run-in with suspected drunk driver
On Behalf of Bradley, Drendel & Jeanney • Aug 06, 2014
Bicyclists are becoming more and more common on Nevada’s roadways. Some people like the exercise of riding, some may be trying to beat gas prices and others just enjoy riding a bike. Drivers in other vehicles must share the road with bicyclists. Sometimes, however, accidents happen between bicyclists and vehicles, which usually end in serious injuries or even death for the bicyclist. Such was the case when a vehicle recently struck and killed a bicyclist near Las Vegas Boulevard.

Details have emerged that suggest the bicyclist’s death was due to a drunk driving accident. According to Nevada Highway Patrol, the man was riding his bicycle on Frias Avenue near Las Vegas Boulevard when a woman driving a Nissan sedan struck him from behind. The man was rushed to University Medical Center where he later died. The state trooper on the case said the woman who caused the accident is suspected of driving under the influence.

DUI is a serious crime especially when it is connected to the death of another person on the road. The woman could face an array of charges related to her liability in the bicyclist’s death. In addition, once the investigation is concluded, the woman could also face a civil lawsuit from the victim’s family.

Driving under the influence is a crime that can have severe consequences. One of those consequences can be the death of another person. When a person is intoxicated it severely impairs their judgment and reaction time. Safety of others should always be every driver’s first priority.

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